You’re Hired Total Job Search 2013 is the definitive guide to job hunting

If you are one of the thousands who are currently in the middle of a job hunt that is, so far, proving fruitless, then you will know all about the frustration that comes from sending out dozens of job applications only for the phone not to ring and the rejection letters to drop through the door.

There is no denying that it is tough out there in the market, and it doesn’t matter if you are a school leaver or a CEO, there simply aren’t enough jobs for the amount of applicants.

Don’t lose hope however, as a great new handbook has been published that gives loads of helpful hints and tips to making that next application a success. You’re Hired Total Job Search 2013 is the must have guide to securing that much wanted position, and will be of invaluable help in your job search.

The book covers all of the important advice on writing a great CV, preparing for job interviews and assessment centres but also includes a professional recruiter’s tips and tricks that set it apart from other books in the job search market. It contains advice on how to search for jobs using professional networking platforms like LinkedIn and up to the minute advice on using the social media including Facebook and Twitter to build new contacts and unearth unadvertised jobs.

Aimed at job hunters at every level, this book is crammed full of smart techniques to help job hunters plan their job search, get short-listed and stand out from the crowd at interviews and assessment centres.

You’re Hired! Total Job Search 2013 is the great new guide for job hunters who want to get up, get out and get hired!