Your Website is the Public Face of your Company

Five things your business website needs
Business websites are now the public face of a company in many ways. It doesn’t really matter what area of operations you cover or what type of trade you are involved in, a website is the modern equivalent of the traditional ‘shop window’.

Everything from a company ethos, to lists of services and goods available, right through to how interaction with customers and clients is carried out must be addressed online today.

So what are the top five things your business website needs?

1. Cross platform design

The first rule of creating your own business website is to make sure that it appears correctly on the entire range of devices that people use to connect to the net.

It’s also worth thinking about the content and if you might want to avoid heavy graphic presentations that may not play well on all platforms or take a long time to load over slower mobile phone data connections. Sometimes less really is more when it comes to getting your message across quickly and easily.

2. ‘Buy now’ buttons

The immediacy that a ‘buy now’ button brings to any business means that impulse purchases can be made online as easily as they can in store. Also, making it easy to go through with a transaction means that customers are more likely to revisit and make further purchases.

3. Be user friendly

There’s no point making your website look amazing if it is difficult for users to interact with it. Clearly defined sections or site maps are a must, as is an easily navigable layout that means a user can find what they want quickly.

4. A good address

There are many different business computing solutions that any venture needs to consider today but high amongst them is an easy to remember internet domain name. There’s no point having something with lots of hyphens or connecting dots, and it is also a good idea to try to find one that doesn’t sound too much like another business.

If your actual company name has already been taken in some way, try to think of a clever alternative perhaps based on one of the products or services you offer.

5. Contact details

Make sure that your contact details are clearly presented so that a potential customer or client can get in touch with you easily with any queries. Also, make sure you answer any communications quickly as this will show you are active online and eager to communicate with your client base.