Your energy bills are reliant on something much smaller than you’d imagine

It’s human nature to want to save money everywhere you can and that instinct is becoming even stronger in the current economic climate. As energy prices continue to rise people are constantly looking for ways that they can make their way of life much more economical in order to save money on energy bills.

The mistake that people make is to work on ways to keep their heating and electrical bills down but they completely forget about their water. However many water providers and waste water operators have warned of a huge rise in water prices in the long term, so in order to avoid expensive bills now’s the time to do something about the water that you’re wasting.

It’s not just you that’s wasting water though, the providers do too and in order to combat this problem engineers are constantly looking for ways to improve the efficiency of pumping stations.

Efficiency is really dependant on the valves that are used at the pumping stations and in your household appliances. Anything that releases water contains a valve; it is the valves that control how much water is released and when, and whether they’re in your washing machine or the pumping stations if they’re not working to the highest efficiency then they’re wasting water and therefore increasing household water bills.

Companies such as produce and supply pressure switches and valves that help to save energy. Low pressure switches or adjustable pressure switches which can be set to a low pressure help to save energy in two ways. A low pressure setting will be used when water is of low demand so it takes much less energy to pump the water in the first place. During low pressure periods much less water will be lost through any breakages in the pipes as the pressure isn’t as strong; this consequently means that less energy is used so money is saved.