Why cool counts when it comes to office furniture

Choosing office furniture these days is about much more than simply picking out some comfy seating, practical storage and sturdy desks. Forward looking firms are increasingly opting for stylish, quirky fixtures and fittings that represent the ultimate in contemporary chic. From the Shoreditch base of gaming firm Mind Candy complete with its play den and array of toys to the Soho HQ of Red Bull, which features a giant slide and ping-pong meeting room, a rising number of businesses are realising that cool really does count. But what are the benefits to companies of this creative approach to office furnishings?

Showcasing their brand

One of the reasons why looks matter so much in the world of modern office design is the fact that businesses increasingly view their workspaces as an opportunity to showcase and strengthen their brands. By reflecting their ethos through the furnishings and décor they choose, they can drive home their brand messages to visitors and to people who see images of their offices online.

Attention to detail is key if companies are to pull this off. Firms have to get everything from furnishing styles to materials and colours spot on. For inspiration, companies can look at the array of options now available online. Suppliers like Calibre offer a variety of striking furnishings ranging from colourful breakout seating to sleek glass tables. In some cases, businesses enlist the help of specialist designers to help them achieve the desired results.

Attracting the top talent

As well as showcasing brands, offices can play an important role in enabling companies to attract and retain the top talent. People’s expectations have changed when it comes to working environments and many employees are no longer prepared to put up with drab spaces that are devoid of style and flair. Instead, they expect to benefit from high-quality environments that are comfortable, attractive and have plenty of personality. For this reason, the coolest offices can play a major role in persuading individuals to apply for jobs with particular firms and in keeping them there once they start work.

Boosting creativity and productivity

Effective office design can also play a major role in making people more productive and creative. A little imagination when it comes to workplace furnishings and décor can help to keep motivation and concentration levels up. For example, firms might use bold colours in a bid to spark innovative ideas among their personnel, and they can provide laidback breakout areas to enhance communication between colleagues.

If you think your office is somewhat lacking in the cool stakes, now could be the time to give it a style makeover. Some relatively simple changes, like the addition of a few pieces of statement furniture and a splash of paint, could completely transform the space.