Why are travel incentives such a popular way to engage employees?

Travel incentives are hugely popular among employers across the UK and according to Employee Benefits around three per cent of all firms in the country have implemented travel voucher staff benefits to make their workforce more happy.

But why exactly is the once niche provision of travel vouchers coming back into fashion?
Looking forward
It will come as no surprise that many staff members in organisations look forward to their holidays throughout the year.

Vacations provide a light at the end of the tunnel for those barraged by paperwork or forced to stay up until 01:30, so many human resource executives reward staff with a free or subsidised holiday package.

You at Work, an employee benefits provider, has helped hundreds of firms to arrange travel voucher systems so that staff have a carrot at the end of their stick and continue to work hard for their bosses.
Record breaking cold weather
Look out of the window. Just do it. It’s probably raining isn’t it?

So is it any wonder Britons stuck in offices throughout the UK look forward to escaping to warmer climates for a few days a year?

This spring’s record-breakingly cold weather was particularly demoralising for workers and many companies are mitigating the impact of this by offering them reduced prices for accommodation, insurance and plane tickets to make sure they have some fun in the sun before heading back to work refreshed and more productive.
Economic difficulties
Workers are becoming increasingly squeezed financially by poor economic conditions, which have led to real-terms wage reductions in workforces across the UK.

This means many people who would have looked forward to taking a vacation to the Costa del Sol are more likely to have to settle for the Costa del Skegness – a much less appetising proposition.

Not only would giving lower paid or financially struggling staff members a discounted holiday make them happier and healthier – but they would also likely demonstrate more loyalty to their bosses. This would likely lead to an increase in retention and engagement – the holy grail of human resource management.
Stress relief
Giving a worker a well-deserved break will reduce their overall stress levels and is likely to lead to heightened productivity and better results at appraisals.

A landmark study conducted in 2004 by Braun Consulting is often used by human resource directors to show the benefits of implementing a travel voucher system. The research found hugely reduced levels of wellbeing among staff members who were not given adequate holidays.

“If employees don’t get enough vacation time, stress and circumstances build and can result in unscheduled absences or absenteeism. This can be because last-minute vacation requests and sick calls can come when an employee “cracks”, or gets into “crisis” situations, or just needs time off to deal with life occurrences.”

“[If] an employee doesn’t take a vacation, or they take a shortened one, followed by working overtime pressure [for months], they call in “sick” or take days off unscheduled. The remaining employees work overtime, cut short their vacations, or work under greater pressure as a result.”

This self-fulfilling prophecy can be mitigated by using benefits provided by You at Work to implement a robust travel voucher scheme.