What to look for in a good business lawyer

There are a great many excellent technical lawyers to choose from – that is to say solicitors who know the law and have dealt with a  wide variety of different contracts and situations, but technical competence enough is unlikely to classify a lawyer as a stand out business lawyer, so what are the additional qualities you may want to look for :-

In some areas, such as intellectual property or mergers & acquisitions or for Public companies, a higher degree of specialization and experience may be needed
Good negotiating skills are a must
A business background – some lawyers understand business better because they have business interests themselves, so they think like a client as well as a lawyer
Proportionality – if you are a small business owner and are, perhaps, selling your business for £100,000.00, you need a lawyer who understands that there is a balance between getting things done right and proportionate costs. Flexibility is key
A lawyer that takes the time to get to know and understand your business and you.

In terms of identifying a lawyer with the above qualities, obviously you may have a recommendation, but there are some excellent signals for choosing the right one online, such as searching and having a look not only at business profiles on the firm’s website, but Linked In profile, articles he/she has/have written which should give you an indication of the person’s style and way they operate.

Darlingtons are solicitors in London who pride themselves on an approach based on the fundamentals described above. If you need commercial advice or contracts for your business, you may want to check them out.