What to consider when buying a property

Buying a property is a considerable life decision. Not only will it determine the space around you for years to come, but it represents a significant investment which is likely to have a very tangible impact on your finances when the time comes to sell up and move on.

Such an important decision demands a large amount of thought and planning. Here, we take a look at a handful of things which should always be in your thoughts during the buying process.
Location is perhaps the single most important aspect to consider when buying a home. Not only does it determine the look and feel of your surroundings, but it can have a dramatic effect on the worth of your property and how it fluctuates during the time you spend in the home.

Of course, the location you choose can also impact life changing matters such as the schools your children may go to, and the health services on offer to you. It’s worth taking into account the wise old mantra: better to buy the worst house on the best street than the other way around. You can work on your house but the location will remain the same.
The future
Buying a property is all about meeting your needs. Everything from the size of a house to the level of maintenance it will require – each and every decision comes down to what you need. An informed decision though won’t just take into account what you need there and then. It’s wise to look to the future and consider how your needs might change. If you’re thinking about starting a family or changing jobs, for example, it’s easy to see how the things you want from a home can change.
When looking for a bargain, it can help to remember that you’re not always buying the house that you see. Rather, you’re buying the house that a property could become if you’re willing to put the work in. If you seek Property auction finance, and you have this mindset, you could easily sneak yourself a bargain.
Planning permission
If there’s even the slightest chance that you’d like to make drastic changes to a property, it’s essential that you make an enquiry regarding planning permission before exchanging contracts. Equally, it’s important to make yourself aware of planning in the area around you, to avoid being devastated when a tower block is erected opposite you the year after you move in.