What is your SME doing to reduce waste?

Every business creates a certain amount of waste. Reducing amounts, and making sure you deal responsibly with the waste that simply can’t be cut out can have a number of benefits. It’s better for the environment but producing less waste can also save you money, time and resources in the long run, even if you have to invest a little in appropriate measures at the start. Many consumers are also interested in green issues and you can highlight your greener credentials as a brand selling point.

Reducing waste

There are a number of ways you can reduce waste within your small business. The exact nature of the waste you produce will obviously depend on the nature of your business but there are some steps that can be applied across most business types.

Paperwork is one source of waste common to most businesses. Transferring the majority of your filing, invoices and communications to an electronic format can dramatically reduce the volume of your waste paper but some documents are still better stored in a printed or ‘hard copy’ format. You should also ensure you have adequate backups of important electronic documents, whether stored on disk or in the cloud. For all that unavoidable paperwork that doesn’t need to be kept indefinitely, strategically placed recycling bins can ensure that the majority of this can be reused. Don’t forget to shred sensitive documents first however.

Many other items, including glass and plastics can often be recycled for use elsewhere and it can often be greener and more cost effective to have office equipment repaired and refurbished rather than thrown away and replaced. If your business involves a manufacturing process there may be measures you can take to reduce waste there and even buying staffroom coffee in refills rather than glass jars can have a small impact.

Dealing with waste

No matter how much waste you eliminate there will still be some to deal with. One option for getting rid of waste simply and hygienically is the sort of waste compaction offered by

Thetford International Commercial Waste Disposal .

Waste compaction mechanically crushes rubbish down to more manageable chunks, which can reduce transport costs when getting rid of your waste and also help eliminate potential issues such as wind scatter and infestation by rodents or insects. It can also be a greener option as the compacted waste will take up less space in the landfill site where any waste that you are unable to recycle will eventually end up.