Vodafone strike deal with Middle Eastern telecom company

A recent agreement has been struck to form a partnership between Zain, the Middle East telecoms company and Vodafone. The partnership is going to mean that the two companies share each other’s services and networks in the Middle East. This new deal brings the number of partner markets that Vodafone has to 50 and it is just one of the latest measures by mobile phone companies that have been taken in order to reduce costs.

Recent deals in the UK have seen the physical infrastructure shared between several mobile phone and broadcast companies in order to reduce the costs in these hard economic times. Vodafone is going to be working with companies owned by Zain in Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi Arabia as well as Iran.

In exchange for use of these networks, Zain is going to be able to use the brand of Vodafone for its services and devices in home markets. Zain’s deputy chief executive is Hisham Akbar and he has recently said, “The technical expertise and commercial insights of Vodafone are going to mean that we develop serious operational efficiencies.

These are going to be prevalent both in the short term, as well as the long-term. The deal is going to be particularly beneficial as we move over our networks to next-generation technology.”

Vodafone have commented that the deal is going to allow them to meet the increasing demands of international businesses customers who want data and voice communication services while abroad. The partnership is going to work well with their plans for regional operations that are currently taking place in Qatar.