Vauxhall factory in Cheshire beats German plant in fight to stay open

Vauxhall staff at the factory in Cheshire have been working very hard in order to save their jobs as the American owner of the company have recently had to make a decision about which factory they want to keep open, the one in Cheshire, or an equivalent sized one in Germany.

The company had to make the decision because they needed to reduce the size of their manufacturing operations in Europe. Workers at the factory have been doing long shifts, and sacrificing perks in order to compete with the German factory, and Vauxhall have recently announced that they intend to close the German factory and keep the UK site open.

Typically in the summer months car industry factories shut down for a long time in order to give the employees a break. However, in order to maintain competitiveness and persuade the American owners of the company that they were the best factory to keep open, they sacrificed their summer holidays. For this reason, the company have just awarded the factory a contract worth over £120 million which is going to involve constructing a new model of Vauxhall in 2015.

It is estimated that keeping the factory open has saved over 2000 jobs directly, and it is estimated that there will be an additional 3000 jobs saved because of various suppliers to the factory keeping their contracts going.

Vauxhall is owned by General Motors and the parent company decided that the UK plant was more efficient, competitive and flexible than its German rival. The staff were praised for their work over the summer and their flexibility and personal sacrifices they made. It is also expected that General Motors have some fears about the German economy because of the Euro crisis which seems to consistently be getting worse. The Prime Minister has described the news as excellent.