Using Fulfilment by Amazon as a Small Business

As a small business owner you are always looking for new ways to improve your business, increase sales and reach more customers. With access to social media, easy and cheap translation services and the World Wide Web our markets are immediately opened to more customers than we could ever receive with one or two physical shops.

But how do you expand your business to be able to deliver both nationally and internationally without your own fleet of delivery trucks, or using an expensive delivery service that costs both you and your customer?

With so many big companies obtaining their own means for delivery it can be difficult to even think of competing in the same markets with them, however being a small business needn’t hold you back anymore.

Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) opens up the market for small businesses by enabling them to have their products shipped by Amazon, meaning for a small cost and no hassle your small business can expand from local to international overnight.

What is Fulfilment by Amazon?

FBA is a service which enables third party sellers, such as small business owners, to have their products distributed from their fulfilment centres and delivered on their behalf by Amazon. The service enables potential customers to take advantage of Amazon’s standard shipping rates and policies and even allows customers to use their FREE super saver delivery service on your products.

When a customer places an order through the FBA your customer will be able to monitor the dispatch date and estimated delivery time, as well as tracking their order if they opt for that service, through the “Your Account” section of Amazon.

How does that affect me and my Business?

FBA has the potential to increase your customer base not only in the UK, but all across Europe too. Amazon offer world class resources to their FBA customers and offers various delivery options for your products – and all from a brand both you and your customer know they can rely on.

If you’re interested in using Amazon’s FBA service, simply register with them as a seller and send them your products, ready for them to ship as sales are made. In turn they will store, pick, package and dispatch any orders within the UK and Europe – meaning you get you sit back relax and wait for your orders to come in.

The service can open your customer base throughout all of Europe including the most popular locations – Germany, France, Italy and Spain – and could open the doors to millions of potential new customers across the continent.

How do I Send my Products to Amazon?

Once you’re registered as a seller with FBA you will need to ship your products to one of their fulfilment warehouses in order for them to deliver your goods when they receive the first order. There are many different companies you can choose to ship your products from your location to the warehouses, however some companies will not ship to Amazon Centres. Many people suggest it is often better to choose a company who understand how Amazon works to ship your products for you, to make it a much less stressful experience.

Companies like National Pallets who have previous experience working with FBA and their centres understand how Amazon works, from the booking procedure to delivering the goods and everything in between.

As a first time seller on Amazon it can feel a little nerve wracking to digest so much information, but choosing a company who understands how the company works to assist you through the process of shipping your products to an Amazon distribution Centre can be a great help. They can help you to understand the industry jargon, as well as helping you to obtain an appointment for delivery with fulfilment centres and ensure your goods are picked up and dropped off on time as to not miss the slot.

Opting to ship with FBA can open your business to new horizons and expand your company from a small business into an international success. No matter what product you’re trying to sell, FDA can help you to fulfil your business goals and help increase your sales all over the continent.

Article by Robyn Edwards currently writes for National Pallets, a UK based pallet shipment company who specialise in tracked shipments to locations all across Europe and the UK – if you are thinking of shipping your products through Amazon’s FBA service, give us a call or visit or site today to speak to an expert about shipping your products to one of their centres.