UK water bills on the rise

It is expected that water bills are going to rise in the UK from April, and this rise is expected to be around £20. The average household water bill in the UK is currently around £350 and a £20 increase marks an increase of about six percent. It is expected that the increase is due to inflation adjustment as well as the water companies planning to invest a large amount in infrastructure over the next few years.

Ofwat, the regulator, stated that the rise would have been higher if they had not intervened with water companies and insisted that the price is not increased so much. Because of the regulator’s actions the bill increases are going to remain mostly in line with inflation rates until 2015.

Wessex Water is one of many companies that are increasing the water bill and they have said that the increased bill is simply due to inflation rates. The Chief Executive of Ofwat is Regina Finn who has commented, “We decided the limits on the prices the water companies could increase their rates because customers were demanding it. We want water bills to be down but we also understand some increases are necessary so that water supplies can remain reliable and safe.”

Whether the water charges are going to impact you will depends on which company supplies water. It will also depend on whether you have a water meter or you are on a fixed rate. Ofwat have also commented, “The money that is going to be generated through this increase in prices is going to be used to create significant improvements to the water system in the UK.

This will allow water companies to continue to provide a consistent supply of drinking water into people’s homes through investment in new pipelines and other important infrastructure.”