UK businesses given more flexibility with the change in immigration rules

Changes in the immigration rules in the UK will offer businesses that want to hire international migrants and business visitors a bit more flexibility. Now visitors to the UK will be allowed a period of training or study that can be added onto their stay. In addition, multinational firms are going to be able to bring their own auditors into the country by utilising a business visitor visa.

Mark Harper the immigration minister stated that the changes were created so that the UK can prove to other countries that it is officially open once again for business. Another prominent change includes offering business visitors the chance to complete corporate training that is conducted within the UK.

The new regulations will also benefit international students as they will be able to complete corporate internships once they finish up their degree. The Government stated that the new rules will make it easier for graduates to find skilled jobs that fit within their qualifications.

Harper explained that the UK is always open for business and wants to maintain this attitude by building an immigration system that is able to continue to support growth while also working to maintain the national interest of the country. He added that the changes that have been made this week will help the UK continue to recruit global talent from across the world to come to businesses in Britain and study at their first rate universities.

He also added that immigration reform is working right now and they have made sure that routes where abuse has been found were tightened while they also made it simpler for those who are bright that can contribute to the future of Britain to continue to come into the country and find education or a business that suits them.