Tips for Running a Successful Travel Agency Business

Getting your own travel agency business up and running is an achievement, but how can you make sure it’s successful?

There are too many things to describe fully in this article, but below are five areas you can focus on to become a successful travel agent, either as an independent or franchisee.

Get to know your target market inside out

If your travel agency business deals with a specific niche, it pays to find out as much as you possibly can about your market.

Thanks to email marketing and social media, it’s easier for a travel agent to learn more about their target market and tailor their services accordingly.

Don’t get caught up in price wars

Protecting your profit margin is crucial if you’re going to be a long term success in the travel agency business. There’s little point in discounting your prices so that you’re barely able to make a living.

If you’re a fully independent travel agent, the chances are you just won’t be able to match the prices on offer from the bigger players in the market. One way to combat this is to add value to your clients’ experience so they’ll be happy to pay a bit extra for a more personal service.

Have a clear marketing plan

Before you launch your travel agency business, you should already have a clear idea of what marketing channels to focus on.

Are you going to adopt an online approach? Perhaps use local press advertising, or a mixture of both?

However you market yourself as a travel agent, you need to have mechanism in place to be able to track your return on investment. By doing this you can concentrate on the most profitable channels and make more money.

Follow up every single enquiry

When you’re running your travel agency business, every phone call and email can be a source of income. If you’re not able to get a booking right away, you should follow up every enquiry after a day or so, to see if the person has made a decision yet.

When you’re in business for yourself, you need to be proactive. It may be time consuming initially, but once you’re more experienced, you will gain an instinct for telling the serious enquiries from the time wasters and be able to act accordingly.

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