Tips for Designing An Office

When designing a new office, there are a few hints that will ensure the business looks the part for the work it does. Whether starting a new business or refurbishing an already competent brand, the design of the new office must reflect good taste and have a modern feel that will impress prospective customers or clients, but not so distracting to affect the efficiency of employees. It must look aesthetically rich and professional, but have a homely quality, a place where clients feel welcome to do business.

First Impressions

The most important place to add splashes of luxury and aesthetic design qualities is the lobby. This is the first place any client or visitor will see of the company and it must not disappoint them. It does not need to look extravagant; it must simply look clean, well lit and pleasing to the eye. Neutral colour schemes are best, with as minimal bright clashes. Bright colours would be acceptable if they match the branding of the company. As long as it is a scheme that is once again clean and unlikely to fade with time.

If the company enjoys a large lobby with overlooking mezzanine floors, these must continue with the same decor of the lobby. The mezzanine floors are perfect spots for a refreshment bar with a seating area. This will allow visitors to observe the business working in a relaxed atmosphere and allow for extra time to admire the aesthetic details built into the lobby.

The Working Space

The upper floors or where the employee’s offices or workplaces are located will typically not have the same decor as the lobby. This space must still be in keeping with the colour scheme of the company taste, but most importantly, it must still look clean and efficient. Open spaces are preferable as closed spaces make the office look cluttered and employees will feel uncomfortable and trapped in their workspace.

Privacy should not be an afterthought. Open spaces are good for collaboration between employees, but if employees do not feel they can perform important or sensitive tasks at an open plan desk, there should be private work areas somewhere in the office space that will allow for confidential work or meetings to take place.

Conference Facilities

If the company has to hold many meetings, then a top rate conference room is essential. The general design must focus on the centralised to the table but still include a sense of the outside world. If the conference room has no windows, ensure that it does not feel dark or claustrophobic. Installing mirrors are a good way to solve this. If the room is on a high floor, take full advantage of any view on offer.