Three cheap ways to market your business 2016

Effective marketing strategies aren’t limited to Fortune 500 companies on enormous budgets. Grassroots campaigns are some of the most effective ways to reach people, and even the big guys have people handing out leaflets and posting on social media.

The New Year is a great time to look back at your company´s growth and opportunity and see which of your previous campaigns were most effective.

The goal for any successful business is to maximise profit and visibility, while keeping to a strict budget. Your marketing goal is to reach as many people as possible and get them talking about your product. Advertising is the nudge that starts people talking, and if your brand gets a mention at any time during that conversation, better.

Whether it’s a Twitter campaign or some awesome new promotional items, here are some cheap ways your marketing strategies can be the icebreakers that connect people to your brand in the New Year.
Social Media
Everyone wants easy free advertising. Everyone! And what better place to advertise than on the sites where everyone talks and shares stuff all the time? Well everyone already thought of it. Because everyone on social media talks and shares things ALL THE TIME. The key to social media success is garnering interest, and that starts by learning more about your target audience. Read who’s talking about what. Get involved in the conversation before starting one of your own. Gently work your brand into the conversation. People won’t share your product unless your product speaks to their interests and likes.
Promotional items, also called swag, are conventional and they work. But the trick to selling your brand doesn’t lie so much in the gift but the ‘where and how’ the gift is presented. Again, this is about understanding your target audience. Everyone likes stress balls, but they do more to market your brand if you give away clever stress balls in relation to the theme of the event. Here again you want to get people talking and asking questions about your company.
Those little pieces of paper that some annoying kid hands you on your way to work. Well they work. Because say you crumpled that paper up into your pocket for lack of a bin. Then later when you rummaged through your pockets again you found the same paper. And say that flyer was a 2 for 1 lunch offer and you and your colleagues were just discussing where to go. Well now you have a destination in mind. Flyers are a nuisance but they work.

To be loud in advertising you’ve got to listen first. Find your audience by understanding who they are and what they want.