The future for the UK manufacturing industry is looking rosy

The UK has a great future in the manufacturing industry, according to the award winning company Pailton Engineering’s owner, John Nollett. Despite the recent negativity on the industry, Nollett believes that there are some of the best engineering talents in the UK and he is highly optimistic about the great potential of the industry.

We have to believe in his words, because his business has become a global trend setter in manufacturing steering systems and is getting orders from all around the world. With the rise of India and China, many people were predicting the end for our manufacturing industry but the UK has a wonderful manufacturing base and some world-class engineering talents, making it very competitive in the industry.

According to the latest UK business news, during the recession period, while the traditional construction sector was drying up, Pailton engineering has diversified itself into bus and military sectors. The move was extremely successful as Pailton has been able to get their largest purchase order from Force Protection.

Other notable customers of Pailton includes Supacat, BAE systems, Dennis Eagle, DAF trucks, JCB, Caterpillar and Scania. Nollett is content with his company’s performance as it has been able to export more than 70 percent of its products annually.

According to him, manufacturing is very important for the country, and producing and exporting various goods will be beneficial for GDP, creating jobs and reducing poverty. Insider Media has listed Nollett in the ’42 under 42’ list which they predict will be the next leaders of the country in every aspect. Remaining alert of the rich heritage and engineering marvels of the country, he assures that Pailton will continue nurturing the engineering talents.

The company has been running an apprenticeship programme for the last 15 years, and will continue their effort in the future. Along with supporting the employees in mastering their trades, the program includes management training services for them. Under the strong leadership of Nollett, Pailton is dedicated to continue the legacy of UK’s engineering excellence.