The Best Ways to Keep Your Company’s IT Systems Secure

The importance of having a strong and secure IT protection system in place at your business cannot be underestimated. With much more business and commerce being conducted online and through computer systems, a breach of security cannot only cause direct financial damage but also deal your reputation a huge blow, potentially destroying customer trust in your business.

While establishing a security system may seem incredibly technical and complex, there are professionals that are there to help you along the way and a number of smaller steps that you can take yourself. Here we take a look at exactly what you can do to ensure the security of your business’ computer systems.


In every kind of business there will be a number of vital pieces of software that are essential to the day to day running of the company. While this software will have been designed to a professional standard and with security in mind, it is an unfortunate fact that no software is perfect. In every piece of software there are bugs or lapses in security which can be exploited. This is usually rectified by the designers, who continue to release updates to fix any problems that have been discovered after the initial release of the software.

However, if a piece of software stops being developed then so too will the updates – and that means any problems can continue to be manipulated. In this case, you need to ensure that your business has a software verification policy in place. Once software is verified, it allows you to keep developing the code, without the original designers, so that it is still usable and doesn’t suffer from overwhelming security threats.


One of the best tips that can be given to any business concerned about computer security relates to the importance of educating your workforce on the importance and intricacies of your security policy. IT security should be one of your top priorities and your employees should understand exactly what is, and isn’t, acceptable when it comes to ensuring the security of your systems.

It is also incredibly important to remember to regularly back-up data that is vital to your business. A loss of essential or personal data can set you back enormously in terms of business but can also lead to the tarnishing of any reputation your business had as a secure and trustworthy company. In a world in which the majority of business is performed on complex computer systems, this can mean the end of your company.

Finally, it’s vital that these security solutions are incorporated into a wider plan that also deals with what should happen if things do go wrong. Being able to react quickly and efficiently to a security breach can mean the difference between saving vital data and losing it all.