The Advantages of a Company Car

Company cars are something that various businesses utilise, but only a certain amount seem to consider. Whether it’s for all of your staff, or reserved for the higher end of the scale, there are quite a few benefits to company cars that you may not even have pondered.

This is truer than ever in today’s world, with the likes of Lexus providing a range of suitable company cars. Whatever your needs may be, there is always something that these vehicles can offer to benefit you, your staff and your company.

Happy Staff

One of the more obvious benefits of a company car is that it is a strong incentive for staff. As a practical benefit to their life, the reward of a company car is a big incentive for many staff, which will help with staff performance generally speaking. If a company car is rewarded to staff members who have been central to the successful performance of the business, it can also have benefits regarding the issue of staff retention.


Depending on your business, you may have a pressing interest in the travel options faced by your employees. This is particularly true in any business where your employees are expected to travel a lot, often attending meetings or visiting potential clients. Remember that nothing establishes a poor first impression more effectively than being late to meet a client.

This is one of the major reasons that companies invest in cars for their employees. It sounds simple, but ensuring that your employees have the correct means to reach their destinations is hugely important.

Advertising and Image

Most companies are very careful about the image which they project to the outside world. A company car will often be decorated with the company’s logo and information. This means that, wherever the car travels, you are effectively getting free advertising. At the very least, it will make your logo all the more recognisable and familiar. For any retail or commerce business that deals with the public, this is invaluable.

Whatever business you may be involved in, the right car can say a lot about the company you work for. It’s not necessarily about looking expensive, but a sleek and sensitive business car can speak volumes about a company to anybody who you may be looking to establish links with. Any Lexus Company Car, for instance, looks modern and elegant and can suit the business tastes of any company, regardless of what industry you are involved in.

The Cost

Furthermore, you should always look into the financial advantages of a company car. Many smaller companies often offer company cars through a salary sacrifice scheme. Whilst the costs of the car replace the wages you would have paid, they can also help to reduce taxes thanks to the fact that you may not need to pay your staff as much in terms of a basic salary. This is a minor benefit, since some of the advantages mentioned here far outweigh the simple need to reduce taxes, but it is an additional bonus to keep in mind when you consider the overall value of a company car.