Survey reflects growing confidence of IT contractors

According to a research undertaken by the Giant Group, a leading employment provider in the IT sector, the confidence of the IT contractors is up this year by a significant level. The results of the survey are very encouraging with the contracting community reporting a much reduced length of time between contracts, decreasing drastically over a period of two years from around 82 days to just 31 days.

Added to this, over half of respondents are expecting job opportunities in IT to grow over the coming year and a further 64% predicting their earnings will increase. The survey also suggests that the top sectors for IT contracting opportunities over the next 12 months will be Support Services (26%), Financial Services (19%), Public Sector (14%) and Engineering & Construction (12%).

Matthew Brown, Managing Director of giant, commented on these results: “During times of budget and staff cuts, the demand for contractors has a tendency to spike. However, as positivity returns to the economy it is encouraging to note that the IT contracting community is reporting an increase in opportunities. It’s clear that organisations are continuing to recognise the value these experts can bring to businesses and are expecting to not only utilise this resource over the next year, but also potentially allocate more budget to these specialists.”