South East investors get latest research in one place

A brand new website has been developed that matches the latest research from some of the South East’s leading institutions with potential investors and businesses. This new collaboration between 5 of the leading research institutions in the south east has just been launched, and can be found at This brings together all the latest research across the south east and investors can find this using a simple search format.

This service has come into being with the sole aim of helping investors and businesses to easily find the latest technologies that they need to help their businesses grow. It is also the ideal way for the researchers to market their new idea. The UK Intellectual Property Office gave the collaboration an initial funding of £75,000 so the site can accelerate the exploitation of innovation within the south east.

The website aims to accomplish this by providing a one stop shop for companies and investors who are looking for specific technologies, as well as providing a service that will assist the participating institutions to source the specific equipment and expertise they need from the other institutions that are part of the network. It will also encourage further collaborations and joint funding applications.

The IP partners in the south east are the National Physical Laboratory, the universities of Reading, Surrey and Sussex and London’s Royal Holloway University. These 5 institutions represent a major portion of the research taking place in the south east. For the first time, investors can now get up to date information on the latest research from each institution all in one place.

This service’s launch marks the start of an intensive collaboration between universities and research establishments in the region and has given them more effective routes through which to market their research. The intellectual property officer for the university of Surrey is David McCallum, and he says that for the first time, the details of new technologies and techniques from the top institutions can all be found in one place.

He went onto say that they were also in a form that enables businesses and investors to find exactly what they are looking for and this is a huge step forward for the whole region as matching the south east’s technological research with investors is very exciting.