‘Social Media in Business, Succeeding in the New Internet Revolution’ set to be a bestseller

Steve Nicholls, the well known business author, has just announced the publication of his new book ‘Social Media in Business; Succeeding in the New Internet Revolution’. The title is published by Bookinars, and provides a unique insight into the opportunities that social media offers to both large and small businesses.

This is the first book of its kind to offer a full and comprehensive blueprint for both managers and decision makers who wish to integrate social media platforms into their existing commercial strategies.

‘Social Media in Business; Succeeding in the New Internet Revolution’ also includes a turn key project management system which is tailored to be used with multiple social media applications. Nicholls developed this over a period of 3 years in order to guide the user through every stage of the integration cycle, this creating a book that is a valuable addition to any office book shelf.

The author said, “Social Media in Business discusses both the business opportunities of social media and the pitfalls to avoid. Above all, it shows how to put it all into practice. No matter what the starting point for an individual or business, whether a complete novice with social media or a manager with several accounts already in use, the chapters of this book lay out a compelling case for managers to bring social media to the forefront of their business strategy.”

With Facebook confirming it hosts a total of 845 million monthly users in its stock market floatation documents published earlier this month and the proliferation of Twitter as a news source in mainstream media, Social Media in Business provides a timely reminder to business owners of the opportunities sites like these present. Crucially the book goes beyond simply analysing social media’s impact on business and provides practical guidelines for creating a sustainable, strategic presence in the global marketplace.

The book begins with an overview of the four business opportunities linked with social media. It is followed with a history of social media and the evolution of the medium. Chapter three outlines specific applications, linked to the four business opportunities identified at the start of the book. An examination of the risks and challenges and ways to mitigate these pitfalls is presented in chapter four. Chapters five, six and seven introduce the project development cycle and give readers the chance to put their learnings into practice. The book finishes with a chapter dedicated to next steps, pushing readers into thinking further about social media and the commercial opportunities it presents.

Mr Nicholls added, “There is a world of difference between the much focused-upon application tools (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube etc.) and the integration of social media into the fabric of your business.”

Social Media in Business, Succeeding in the New Internet Revolution is available now in printed form from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk and all good book stores. It is also available in a digital format for Kindle, iPad and Epub for Ereaders from www.SocialMediainBusiness.com/Store. It is priced at £14.95 / $19.95

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