Social Media for Property Developers

People who fix up houses for a living know the meaning of a varied and unexpected workload. You could be choosing wallpaper one day, discussing foundations another and working out how to unblock a toilet on the third. The ability to juggle a mixture of different tasks is a great skill and one that means those in the business can easily deal with new challenges as they arise.

One such new challenge over the last five years has been the rise of a very different aspect of property development: social media. Having finally learnt how to unblock a toilet and fix other common problems, developers are suddenly being faced with the new task of understanding the complicated world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other such sites. While practical tasks will always remain relevant to property development, it’s also becoming increasingly important to know how to use social media to your own advantage.

There are many ways in which this new online world can help. Its most important feature is indicated in its title: this is social media. It is, at heart, about interacting with other people, and property developers can use this to their advantage in many different ways.

Looking for potential tenants or buyers? Head over to Facebook and have a look at groups and pages dedicated to those currently on the look-out for your type of property. Interested in getting good deals? Follow the Twitter feeds of your favourite suppliers and start interacting with them about their products or services. Want to know what your competitors are up to? Use Instagram to see right inside their most recent projects, find out their preferred locations and monitor the speed of renovations.

Once you’ve seen what’s happening, you can get involved yourself and start presenting your own work and brand using social media sites. Have a strategy in place before beginning, so you can make sure your output is consistent and professional. If you need a boost of initial interest, have a look at social media sites that can give you a head start with followers.

Like all media, social media is also focused on the ‘new’, so use its ability to bring you the latest information on market and interior trends. Pinterest is a great place for gaining inspiration from designers, architects and property experts. Other sites, like this one, are more practical and can provide a constantly updated source of practical information too.

So start using social media in a way that benefits your business – you’ll soon know a lot more than how to unblock a toilet!