Ryanair in trouble for Thomas Cook implications in advert

Michael O’Leary, the Chief Executive of Ryanair, has recently run into some trouble with the Advertising Standards Authority, for the second time in a month.

The Authority have stated that an advertising campaign he launched last year implied that the travel agents Thomas Cook, were about to enter administration, when this was not the case.

In the last five years over 20 reprimands have been given by the ASA to Ryanair. The latest advert appeared in several newspapers last November and added fire to the criticism about the financial hardships being faced by Thomas Cook.

The advertisements directly implied that Thomas Cook was about to stop trading and described the airline as being in a great deal of trouble. It actually claimed that the airline had debts of around £1 billion and that those who booked flights with the company might not actually be going anywhere. Ryanair stated that they would be keeping passengers flying because they were trading very successfully.

15 complaints were received from members of the public about the advertising campaign and the ASA came to the conclusion that Ryan Air were giving the false oppression that the tour operator was about to go out of business.

A spokesperson from the ASA has stated, “We considered all of the adverts that were part of the campaign and they were clearly implying that booking with Thomas Cook was too much of a risk. We have concluded that these adverts are too misleading.”

Just last month, Ryanair also got into trouble over publishing adverts that showed women in their underwear as they were regarded as being too sexually suggestive. In this case the ASA concluded that the adverts were likely to be very offensive to most people. About the advertising campaign, Ryanair has not been able to be reached for comment.