Roger Federer Foundation helping children video

The aim of the Roger Federer Foundation is to help children take control of their own lives and learn that they can shape their future via education. The foundation concentrates on areas such as Malawi, Ethiopia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and a handful of other countries that are generally considered to be impoverished regions.

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In the areas that the Roger Federer Foundation promotes outreach education programs many children do not have access to clean water and food, let alone education. The idea is to help create access to quality education in these areas so that people’s lives will be changed.

As part of a documentary series, Credit Suisse has teamed up with the Roger Federer Foundation to help film its efforts in Malawi. The series offers close updates on three children that are on the receiving end of help from the foundation. The documentary also takes a broader look at how the initiative in the country is progressing inviting viewers to tune and watch how just a little change can make a big difference in children’s’ lives.

The Foundation is focused on offering a broad initiative with help from the ActionAid NGOs. The overall goal of the foundation is to promote early education and hopes that over the next decade over 54,000 will be able to benefit from the effort. At the moment it is estimated that about 6,500 are benefiting from the efforts in the country.

Credit Suisse is offering updates via their web documentary series that is already on its fourth season. The series features five people that are responsible for the project and the three children as well as two carers. It is a great insight into another culture and how it does not take much to make a huge difference. Check out the video before to see more.