Raised eyebrows as OpCapita rakes in around £50m from the closure of Comet

The former investment banker and the owner of OpCapita, Henry Jackson structured a deal with Hailey Acquisition in order to buy the high-street business Comet and now he rakes in around £50m from the closure of Comet.

Comet’s closure has left a huge bill to the government which is £50 million in order to recover redundancy payments for staff members of the company and for VAT. It’s suspicious as well as shocking therefore, investigating officers are now launching an investigation into OpCapta and are trying to figure out why Comet was closed just after nine months of acquiring an electrical chain and why OpCapita is recovering that much money from the collapse of the business.

A detailed Deloitte’s report will be issued soon, most likely on Monday; it will state everything about the administration of the electrical chain that was acquired by Cement.

OpCapita stands to recover a huge cash dowry from Kesa, now known as Darty. Comet was acquired in February and OpCapita owns all business warranties. The recovery will raise many fresh questions about the closure of the company. There should be a solid story behind all this and the truth will be revealed soon because Deloitte’s report has been scheduled to release and it will show the date of administration when Hailey owed a total sum of £145m and many other secrets.

Hailey was supported from Greybull Capital that’s specialized in acquiring troubled and disturbed companies like Comet. Some £1.5m will be distributed to Comet’s staff as redundancy payments and holiday pay whereas £200,000 will be paid to unsecured creditors and Hailey will be left with about £50m. In total, the company will be facing a loss of £95million from the deal. When a question was asked about the total loss, OpCapita simply refused to give any comment.