Public liability cover for caravan owners

Today, you can literally buy anything online, and due to this convenient and fast moving method of buying, things such as insurance cover can be purchased in an instant. This has, thankfully, done away with sitting on the phone for hours with a pen and paper ringing one company up after another, going through the same questions over and over again then having to make sense of your scribblings.

One of the most popular purchases online outside of retail items is insurance, and you can literally cover everything from your yacht to your car in just a few clicks. Using the price comparison sites makes it even easier, as you answer questions one and receive a list of quotes based on your answers, then you simply follow the links to the sites you are interested in buying from and within a couple of hours you are completely covered.

The Internet is also a great way of finding out information about the various insurances available and making it a whole lot easier to decide exactly which cover you have to have by law, which cover will bring with it great peace of mind, and which cover you should really have in place even though it isn’t compulsory. The latter category includes such cover such as home contents insurance, holiday insurance and public liability insurance.

If you are a business owner, whether you are a one man band, an SME or something on a bigger scale, public liability cover is something you really should seriously consider, more details can be found at  The easiest way to decide whether you need this insurance is to visit this site, and also consider the manner of your business, if you have dealings with the general public or their property, you should have this cover.

Living in a society which, these days, seems to have gone compensation crazy with everyone suing everyone, it is madness to leave yourself open to a compensation claim due to a customer of your receiving a personal injury either on your property or their due to negligence on your part, or for some damage to have occurred to their property which you are responsible for.

As with all insurances, prices will vary from company to company and will also depend on the level of cover you receive, for which the premium is often based on your turnover.  You want a minimum of £1m public liability cover and ensure that all legal fees are covered too, as these quickly escalate once solicitors get involved and can actually end up costing you more than the compensation, adding up to a hefty sum.

The only reason why you would not need public liability insurance is if you have a totally Internet based business where your only contact with clients is via email or Skype. If you have employees, however, you should have employee liability cover, but this is the only situation where public liability insurance doesn’t have to be an option.