Promotional Products and Why Your Brand Matters

What is a brand? A brand is a name that people associate with a certain promise. When you buy a Coke, you know exactly what that name promises. It’s what comes to mind when you see a company’s name or logo. This message can be incredibly profitable and valuable if taken care of properly. When Disney bought Marvel comics for 4 billion dollars in 2009, they were not buying the writers and artists or the printing presses, they were buying a brand that’s associated with a certain kind of entertainment.  Brands are so important for a business that getting them out there is crucial in the modern business world and promotional products are a great start.

Building Brand Recognition

It’s easy to think that achieving the level of recognition that brands like Kleenex or Apple is impossible if you’re a small business. But, you have to remember even these companies started small, and slowly became household names. A good way to start building your brand’s name is to start using promotional products. In the age of the internet a lot of companies tend to use all of their marketing budget on the online side of things and while this is very important, the personal touch of giving a client a physical item they can take home is still a goodt strategy. To put it simply, promotional products show an extra level of appreciation, it tell your client that you made an extra effort and lets them know that you really care about them.

When shopping for promotional products for your brand, try to avoid things that are clichéd or easily misplaced. Pens and business cards tend to get lost in the shuffle and often just end up in a rubbish bin, but something like a mouse mat or a stress ball is not only harder to ignore, but useful for the person receiving it, so the odds of it being thrown away are severely reduced. When making this kind of items. Furthermore, people tend to keep this kind of useful promotional product close to them, and even if they’re not your clients right now, the fact that they have your logo and your contact details on that mat next to their computer every day, means that your brand is always on the back of their head, and when they need you, they’re going to know how to contact you

Make them think about you

Marketing is a lot like real state, in the sense that location matters. The easier it is to find your brand and your data, the easier it’s going to be for you to be in your client’s thoughts. It’s not a hard trick to pull off, you just need your brand to be at the right place, at the right time. Maybe your client doesn’t have an internet connection at a particular moment to check your details, but he does have that keychain he got from you at an event.

Promotional products are not only for clients. Handing them out to your employees can also increase how engaged they are to their job and the company. Makes them feel part of a team and encourages them to promote your brand outside of the office.

In the end, branded items are a great way to expand the awareness and value of your brand, and the better your brand is, the better the business and the higher the profits.