‘Prepare 4 Success’ New Workplace Preparation Programme for Students

Leading National Training is pioneering the way forward in alleviating the UK’s modern day plight that is ‘youth unemployment’ with the launch of its Prepare 4 Success preparation programme.  It is designed to bridge the gap between academia and the workplace.

By the end of December 2014 youth unemployment in the UK had risen by an extra 30,000, up to 750,000. This, in the face of all the various promises given and programmes implemented by successive governments, with their exaggerated (and some might say) politically driven claims of eliminating youth unemployment entirely.

Despite the many assorted apprenticeship programmes and work-placement schemes that have been put into effect, this relentless growth in numbers and the prevailing negative outlook for the young that youth unemployment brings, has not been abated.

Philip Peters from Leading National Training said, “There is a simpler and more pro-active solution that can prevent our young becoming unemployed when they leave education, a solution that does not require government funding or intervention, it delivers positive outcomes for businesses, unites those businesses with a young motivated local workforce, and most importantly prepares students for the workplace BEFORE (the first critical bit) they leave education!

“Leading National Trainings ‘Workplace Preparation’ sponsored accredited training programme has been specifically designed to be delivered to students in their last year of studies, in a flexible way that works around the curriculum. Each programme will give students the ‘Key’ skills and confidence required to firstly gain employment, and secondly to succeed in that employment, by enabling them to quickly fit into any (the other critical bit) working environment and team.”

Business leaders have long been disappointed with the lack of  ‘readiness’ of youngsters applying for their vacancies. Many have all the academic qualifications but lack the desired skills of team-working, personal organisation and communication skills, to name but a few.

The unique Workplace Preparation approach may not eliminate youth unemployment entirely, however it will go a long way towards reducing the number of education leavers from taking that first depressing step from academia to the ranks of the unemployed.

The implementation and the all-important critical link

Local businesses require a local workforce, preferably a young motivated workforce that can deliver quickly for them, and who come ready furnished with the requisite skill sets, this is important as most 21stcentury organisations have neither the time or the resources to train and develop new employees in ‘basic’ workplace skills, they want individuals (as closely as possible) to ‘hit the ground running’.

This unique scheme, which is delivered by Leading National Training, enables businesses to sponsor a local place of education that meets their needs for up to a yearlong programme. The programme is then branded with the sponsoring company who are involved throughout, the critical ‘core’ skills learnt are the same for each programme, but each is overlaid with the sponsors brand using their case studies, business culture and structure.

This pro-active approach to workplace readiness enables both the students and sponsors to get to know each other, their working practices and environment, as well as managing the youngster’s expectations. This then leads to the potential offer of employment for the students.

And the benefits for both parties?

To businesses –

The opportunity to recruit the brightest and the best
Deliver on their CSR commitments
Up to a year of positive PR opportunities
Supporting their local community and its youngsters

To students –

An accredited ‘workplace preparation’ qualification
The key skills required to secure that all important first job
An insight into a ‘real’ working environment (aligning expectations)
Confidence to fit into an established team

Sponsorship costs have been minimised to enable ALL sizes of businesses to be involved.