Powerz rubber expansion joints – branded European quality

“We settle expansion issues in all industries”
Nowadays Powerz Company is specialized in developing, manufacturing and supplying rubber expansion joints made under the international standards with quality assurance.

Rubber expansion joints are made with the use of modern technologies and innovative materials. It should be noted that all materials applied in the manufacturing process undergo the required control and reliability tests that ensures a long service life of a finished product. Leading European manufacturers are the permanent suppliers of the materials as of today.

Powerz administration pays great attention to the Company’s manufacturing capabilities providing it with modern equipment and implementing new technologies.

Powerz rubber expansion joints are in demand in Europe due to the reliability and continuity of service.

Powerz is a commercially viable company that guarantees the quality of all produced rubber expansion joints.

Furthermore, our rubber expansion joint has a unique number which makes it possible to restore all data for its further replacement.

Our professionals produce rubber expansion joints of high quality. Powerz engineers pay particularly careful attention to projects that require an individual approach.

Powerz Company’s goal is to settle expansion issues in all industries using the world’s advance experience in producing innovative materials.

Rubber expansion joints of high quality have all required certificates. Powerz Company is responsible for the quality and reliability of equipment to be manufactured, and provides guarantees for the continuity of service during the whole useful life.

If you have any questions, please, contact our experts by phone: +49 8631 166 88 38, or via e-mail: info@rubberexpansionjoints.eu.

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