Pop-up stores – the new way to generate business?

With a number of establishments hitting the World Wide Web, getting your business noticed is imperative if you wish to succeed. This is however easier said than done and without the correct marketing tools, you could fall flat.

With this in mind, a variety of brands are in the midst of introducing pop-up stores. This is especially the case for new brands and also existing labels trying to promote a new product.

A pop-up store allows the brand manager to rent a small space in an area of their choice as opposed to paying extortionate prices on an actual land-based store.

Harrods is one such leading label to take pop-up retail extremely seriously and as such Harrods Estates have recently launched a pop-up retail sector in what is arguably the most famous shop window to date.

This is the brands’ first showcase of wares in 115 years and is said to run until 2 March 2013 featuring in between Hans Road and Old Brompton Road in the ‘Hollywood’ position. This particular pop-up display comes from a collaboration with Harrods Estates and The studio – Harrods’ Interior design Service.

The one-off display has been created in order to reveal some of the label’s ‘complete home solutions’, which in turn showcase the estate agency’s true roots.

Harrods Estates has come along way since its first appearance and was originally part of the department stores’ ground floor sector, tucked snuggly away behind the furnishings department. It is now however somewhat larger and this campaign will mark the brands’ unrivalled offerings and bespoke service.

And in case customers need a little more persuasion, an impressive 200,000 Harrods Reward Points are being given out to prestigious members who choose to either buy or sell a property through Harrods estates. This offer however only applies to the months’ of March and April 2013. Details for this are revealed on the Harrods Estates website.

Those intending to follow in the footsteps of this major brand may wish to invest in the help of a number of exhibition stand designers. This will allow you to create an aesthetically pleasing display and one that will promote your business in an attractive light.

The uses for these displays and exhibition stands are numerous and can be tailored to any use. Whether it’s to attract attention at a business fair or set up a pop-up operation such as that being used by Harrods, it’s important that you use a professional service who will ensure you’re exhibition stands has the desired effect and attracts customers rather than deterring them.