Planning for an Office Clearance Project

There comes a time when even the most organised offices need a good clear out. Perhaps it’s ahead of a move to a new office, or the current space is clogged and cluttered with too much junk? A clean and streamlined office is an efficient office – it creates a good impression for visiting business clients and improves atmosphere and productivity among staff. But with so much stuff to sort through, what’s the best way to plan for an office clearance project? Follow these handy tips and say goodbye to all that clutter.

Work out a system

Depending on how many employees work in the office, disposing of waste and recycling will only work if everybody pitches in. Set aside a few hours for individuals to sort through their piles of papers and office supplies, and work out what should go and what should stay.

Be ruthless – hire a skip

Some people live clutter free lives with frightening efficiency, others have a hard time letting go. After all, that old stapler that only works if you stand on it might come in handy at some point, right? Hire a skip – for a great deal compare skip hire prices on – and encourage the office to get rid of all their old junk. Dispose of anything that is broken or unfixable. The joy of working in a fresh, clean and clutter-free office environment will be worth it in the end.


Items that are in good working order but not needed can be recycled on websites such as If you have any old furniture or electronics that you think could be used by someone else, put an advert on one of these websites. The person or company who responds will come and pick it up, saving you time and money.

Sell unwanted items online

If you are planning on downsizing or streamlining your office, there may be items that you wish to get rid of that have a significant sell-on value. Add some money to the company coffers by selling these online on websites such as ebay and Gumtree. This is a great way to get rid of old computers and other electronics, such as telephones, fax machines and printers. Second-hand office furniture sells well online, with new companies always looking for ways to reduce start-up costs.

Give it away

Send out an email to different departments – or even a nearby business – asking them if they need some of the items you are planning to throw away. Companies can save money and generate goodwill by redistributing equipment and other resources this way.