Planning a Corporate Video

Whatever the purpose of your planned corporate video, you will want it to gain good results for your business, whether you have a business to business, or business to consumer project in mind.  A corporate video should have a measurable return on investment, and increase response/user interaction. Here are a few key ways in which your business could use a corporate video:

Product or service launches: Introduce your target markets to something new, in an engaging creative way. You could choose an animation, a video to distribute to the media, or a creative promotional video.
Training videos: Introduce health and safety, company mission statements and ethos, and working practices for different job roles for internal use. Or you could prepare training videos for graduate programmes, conferences, or workshops.
Event Filming: Capture all the best bits of an event, whether your company is planning an awayday, a flash mob to raise brand awareness, or attending an exhibition.
Viral Videos: Looking for something really creative that will travel round the web faster than the speed of light, and really increase your online presence; then you need a viral video.

It doesn’t matter what type of video you need, it needs to be a call of action to your customers, and if you want them to respond to your key messages, then you may need to enlist the help of experienced corporate video producers. Corporate video production companies are there to help where they are needed, so you can buy into a package that meets your specific needs. This means, if you want to complete some of the tasks in-house, such as creating the storyboard, but need some technical and production assistance, you can just hire a camera crew. It’s up to you how much you outsource to a corporate video company, but all the best ones can, if needed, see you through every stage of the process of creating, and then marketing your video.

Making use of video marketing services on offer means your video could be seen by a company’s media partners, distributed to key web video destinations, and their video hosting software means your video can be viewed on the latest technology platforms, such as tablets and mobile phones. Look out for companies that also offer SEO optimisation, so that the end product is picked up by the search engines.

Filming, editing, marketing and distribution, video hosting, media training, video encoding, and CD/DVD duplication, are all services that a corporate video company can offer, to turn your big idea into results for your business. Check out company portfolios and show reels, so you can see what the business has worked on, their experience, and whether they will be a good fit for the type of project you have in mind.  You’ll also be able to find out more about how they work, and any prices involved. Then it may be time to get on the phone, arrange a meeting, and see how your chosen company can bring your corporate video to life.