Pioneer Pump to establish corporation in the UK after $10m investment

Over the next 12 months, Pioneer Pump plans to establish an extreme pump rental corporation in the UK with an initial fleet investment of US $10m.

The fleet will showcase about 250 Pioneer crafted diesel pumps plus a further 240 electric pumps which are to be ordered from what is still known as an unidentified supplier outside the UK. All the pumps will be high-flow, high-head units which are primarily targeted at applications such as gas, mining, quarries, and oil.

The managing director of UK Pioneer Pump, Simon Ruffles, reported to IRN that, “We have some major companies and customers in the UK and their businesses are changing rapidly, that is why they are asking for rentals instead of purchases.”

In North America, Pioneer Pumps will not be following UK’s model, and will continue selling their pumps to some existing companies there. However, Dennis Mitchell, the Chairman of Pioneer Pump, stated that if the UK operation was successful, the rental model could and would be extended to other markets.

Four rental hubs will be installed in the UK over the next coming months, including one in Wales, one in Scotland, and two in England. Experienced pump rental manager, Tom Nicholson, who joined Pioneer a little over year ago, will become the pump rental businesses operations director.

Franklin Electric, a US-based company, is the entity issuing Pioneer its investment funds, and states that more funds may be available if the business shows growth, commitment, and revenue. The fleet will be directly rented to large end customers and re-rented to those that don’t have larger pumps in their fleets. Pioneer’s distributors outside of the UK will also be able to access their fleet, some of these people whom have made their own rental businesses.