North of Scotland to be the location for a marine energy park

A marine energy park is going to be created in the north of Scotland which is going to help to tackle climate change, cut emissions and could potentially generate around 30 gigawatts of power for the United Kingdom by the year 2050. These figures have recently been released by the UK government and show a promising future for green energy in Scotland.

The installation is going to be called the Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters Marine Energy Park and it is going to be a project that is going to be promoted around the world by the Scottish government, as well as the government of the United Kingdom. The idea behind the promotion is that it is going to attract companies in the private sector in order to invest in the area as well as its universities.

The government made an announcement earlier in the year about another Marine energy Park which is going to be located at the other end of the United Kingdom, in south-west England. The reason the area was chosen in Scotland as well is because it has a very high tidal stream.

There is already a European Marine Energy Centre established in the area which is going to be incorporated into the new construction. This original building was opened nearly 10 years ago and was funded by the European Union as well as local governments.

It has been testing the viability of tidal energy in the area and has become self-sufficient. A spokesperson for the WWF in Scotland has stated, “This sort of technology has a critical role to play in reducing climate change in the country. We welcome the news.”