New Spy HQ experience looking for new agents

A brand new full-day experience has just been launched especially  for those would-be secret agents out there who feel they need to brush up on  their skills. Spy Games, the award winning events company, have launched their toughest ever training mission for those amongst us who feel that their James Bond skills are a little rusty.

Both men and women are welcome at the ‘New Spy HQ’ , where they can immerse themselves in the thrilling and action packed world of spying at espionage at the  Spy Games’ headquarters located in Buckinghamshire. The team at Spy Games have already started signing up people wishing to take part in the 6 hour experience, where they will be tested on such skills as accuracy, agility and speed.

Participants will move between different activities during the course of the day that include Sniper Lane, where they will be taught the principles of concealment and marksmanship and the Laser Room, where the agents have to weave in and out of the live beans without breaking them to retrieve a safe.

In addition to learning hand-to-hand combat techniques including blocks, knife work and take-down methods, participants will be invited to get behind the wheel of off-road buggies for an adrenaline-fuelled driving challenge.

Armed with blank-firing pistols, trainee spies will also learn the drills necessary to confront enemies with a weapon.

‘New Spy HQ’, which is aimed primarily at the leisure market, is the latest addition to a broad programme of espionage-themed activities offered by Spy Games’ for individuals, private groups and corporate training purposes.

Spy Games founder and managing director Dave Thomas said: “This is one of the toughest training challenges we’ve created so far and is really designed for individuals who want to learn some of the skills that make James Bond such a hero. We’ve been really encouraged by the response we’ve had so far and the feedback has been really positive.

“Spy Games offers the chance to get out and do something completely different. But crucially, it is also embedded with important training and skills including communication, teamwork and accuracy.”

Other espionage-themed activities offered by the company include diamond heists, car chases, spy hunts, escape and evasion, hostage rescues, laser combat and pistol shooting.

Spy Games is the world’s leading events and training specialist in espionage activities and is passionate about delivering high quality corporate programmes that entertain and excite.

Established in 2001, Spy Games delivers team building activities, product promotions and corporate entertainment for clients that include Asda, Barclaycard, BSkyB, Carphone Warehouse, Coca Cola Enterprises, Diageo, Ernst & Young, FHM, GSK, KPMG, Microsoft, Ministry of Defence, O2, Panasonic, Red Bull, Red Letter Days, Serco Group, Siemens, Shell, Sony, The Home Office, Unilever, Virgin, Vodafone, Wagamama and XBOX.

Using its extensive planning and co-ordination skills and expertise, Spy Games can deliver international events anywhere in the world and in almost any venue from coaches and trains to hotels, Bedouin tented camps or even the client’s office! Flexible in its approach, Spy Games offers both off-the-shelf programmes and tailor-made events and training packages that meet a client’s budget and objectives. Presented by highly trained professionals, Spy Games brings to life the exciting world of international espionage.

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