New commission free freelancing site launches a crowdfunding campaign

A unique and innovative freelancer portal that will totally transform the concept of the online skills market has been revealed this week as it launches its crowdfunding campaign. The totally unique CherishedIdeas has been created with a brand new payment model that effectively means freelancers will pay no commission to the site, won’t be deducted any expenses and are guaranteed payment for every project they undertake.

Coupling value for money for employers with a fair wage for freelancers, the ethical, design contest environment puts a brand new spin on self-employment and start-ups. Recognising that for high commissions and problem projects are a thorn in the side of most freelancers regardless of which freelance platform they use, CherishedIdeas is both transparent and effective.

Its state-of-the-art system uses the very latest in web 2.0 technology to smooth the work process for clients and contractors. Packed with features, CherishedIdeas is the vision of how freelancing should be making contract work rewarding and seamless.

The dashboard is a self-contained virtual office, providing everything freelancers and freelance agencies need to build their business with easy portfolio management and ample space to upload work examples, automated invoicing and time sheets, streamlined project management, a collaboration station and private chat functionality. Users can also define their skill sets and upload a bio to better sell their services, while also allowing businesses looking to outsource critical projects easy access to a talented pool of highly qualified and experienced experts.

An ethical design contest environment which is truly unique, CherishedIdeas members can choose from a number of competitively priced tier-based packages, ensuring they can always bid on contests according to their chosen range of skill sets. Tiers or packages are available for individuals and agencies and each package contains the necessary tools for a freelancer to find projects, bid with proposals and receive payments. Annual membership starts at just $79.

Developers, designers and freelancers can also advertise their fixed rate services in the site’s Creative Junction rather than wait to see a contract advert that they’d like to bid on. Clients can purchase services and post projects without a paid membership and are only charged a payment fee. Those wishing to promote a project can pay a small fee to push it to the top of the site, with 50% of the proceeds donated to charity.

Simon Knapp, concept developer and CEO of Cherished Ideas said, “Not only is CherishedIdeas different, it is unique. We are the only platform in the world that can say this thanks to our unprecedented no commission policy. For freelancers, this and the guaranteed payment pledge are incredibly attractive. The platform maintains this approach by requesting an escrow for all contests before the posting goes public. This approach means that funding for the project is always in place before a freelancer can bid or be chosen to carry out a job. We cherish our creative interactions, producing satisfied clients and happy developers.”

In order to fund the site, CherishedIdeas has launched a crowd funding campaign on with a target of $10,000. It rewards backers with a host of platform-based incentives with pledges starting from just $20.00.

To find out more visit and or follow the team on Twitter: @NoCommissions