New Book ‘Creating Business Advantage: Setting Up and Running a Successful Business’

‘Creating Business Advantage: Setting Up and Running a Successful Business’ by Daryl Woodhouse & Garry Smith is essential reading for anyone setting up or running a business.

Whether you are just dusting off the plans for your very own brand new start-up or you are the owner of a small business looking to grow, this book will help you to:

Understand and create your competitive advantage
Get more from your sales and marketing
Become a strong leader and manage your employees
Build partnerships both within and outside your company
Become an ace at managing cash
Get the help you need to thrive and grow

This book is designed to help businesses achieve long-term, consistent, sustainable growth. It is based on Daryl’s and Garry’s own experiences both within the corporate and SME world, as well as their expertise in helping their clients to grow businesses.

Daryl is the award-winning CEO and Founder of Advantage Business Partnerships. He founded ABP in order to share the senior leadership, networking and strategic business experience he has gained from his time in the banking sector with SMEs across England.

Garry Smith is one of the founding Business Growth Partners at Advantage Business Partnerships. He has had a number of years of experience in human resources and as a Global Projects Leader in South East Asia and the U.S.