Nationwide FlexDirect account a real money maker

Nationwide has just introduced a brand new account perfect for those looking for a high interest savings account that will help them quickly see a dividend form on their money. Called the FlexDirect account, the new savings and checking account offers a high 5% interest rate that actually works for you.

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In order to live up to their slogan that they are always on your side, Nationwide is also offering the account to qualified customers with free overdraft fees for an entire 12 month period. Even once the special promotional offer goes away the overdraft fees are standardized and simple coming in at 50p per day for any arranged overdrafts.

Unarranged overdrafts will cost 50p per day for any balance that is over £10, but will be capped at a total of £60 per month.

As the name implies, the FlexDirect account is set-up to benefit those who are willing to be flexible with the many different access points that Nationwide offers. Customers can easily access their account online via the online banking website, the mobile banking app, or via an automated telephone app any time of the day.

Statements are always available online 24/7 and are not ever mailed out, helping to reduce the carbon footprint of Nationwide and you.

While you may have to go online to check on your money as part of the terms of the FlexDirect super savings account, you always have instant access to cash when you need it via a Visa debit card, optional cheque book, and thousands of ATMs spread throughout the UK.

The FlexDirect account can also be used to schedule bill payments and more. To get the most out of the account, customers should plan on contributing at least £1,000 on a regular monthly basis.