Most innovative point of sale displays

Retailers are embracing increasingly sophisticated technology in a bid to woo customers and boost their bottom lines. Nowhere is this more apparent within stores than at point of sale displays.

Here are some of the most innovative display solutions now available to forward thinking shop owners.

Interactive displays

There’s no doubt that retail design is moving towards greater levels of interactivity and QR codes are a great example of this. These codes are a common sight on or near checkouts and they can be used in a host of different ways. For example, they can provide customers with access to more in-depth product information and special offers.

Meanwhile, touchscreens are also proving a hit on the high street. They can offer consumers a more personalised shopping experience and, in some cases, they enable companies to operate with fewer staff members, helping to reduce their overheads. Ultimately, this means that they can offer their goods at more competitive prices.

Rear projection screens

To create that all-important wow factor and to really grab people’s attention, some stores are now using rear projection technology. These systems involve projectors that are placed behind screens, helping to produce a bright, sharp moving image. They boast impressive results even in well lit shops and they can prove particularly effective in department stores, where different brands are competing for the attention of shoppers.

LCD displays

Certain retailers are now turning to small, battery operated LCD displays that are designed to be attached to shelves. These systems can be used to provide customers with information concerning products and to promote any special offers.

Augmented reality

Perhaps the most forward thinking point of sale displays incorporate augmented reality. This involves supplementing real world items or environments with additional features with the aid of computer-generated sensory inputs, such as graphics, video or sound. For example, it can be used to show customers what particular products look like in different colours or materials.

Window shopping with a difference

Merging the world of online shopping with the high street, some enterprising retailers have started creating ‘fake’ shops with real windows. Consumers can view a selection of products in the windows and then, using large point of sale touch screen systems, they can place their orders. This approach brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘window shopping’.

Once people have ordered the items they want using the touch screens, all they have to do is await delivery of the goods at their chosen address. For the tech-savvy consumer of today, this may represent the ideal mix of online and offline shopping.

Getting the basics right

There’s no doubt that technology is moving fast in the world of point of sale retail displays. However, as well as focussing on new and innovative solutions for this area within their stores, shop owners must concentrate on getting the basics right. For example, it’s vital that firms select suitable display cabinets, stands, blocks and other items. These products must look great and fulfil all the relevant practical functions.

To achieve the most striking results, companies can check out the selection of items offered by companies like Display Developments. As well as high-quality shelves, stands and more, it provides more unusual solutions, such as clear plastic display spheres and five-sided display cubes.

By combining the best of cutting-edge display technology with visually appealing and highly functional display products like these, retailers stand to impress their customers and increase their sales levels. Getting point of sale displays perfect may take some time, effort and expenditure, but it should prove to be a savvy investment. After all, it can help retailers to steal a march on rival operators.