More empty shops than ever in the UK

The BRC stated that empty shops have reached a new high as vacancies in the town centre are at a record level since the monitor was first set up back in 2011. October was the worst month for vacancies in shopping centres and at the high street within the UK reporting 11.3% of vacancies with Wales, the North, and Yorkshire reporting 20% of empty shops.

The Local Data Company; which is in charge of compiling and tracking store vacancies, published figures that show that the amount of empty shops in the country jumped up to almost 15% during February which was the highest number in the past four years. The LDC numbers had showed that the situation was starting to level off until now.

The BRC monitor also took a look at footfall which was down by about .4% during the month of October when compared to the figures from last year. Despite the small fall, they are better results then what was seen during the previous quarter when they dropped by almost 3%. A breakdown shows that the high street was hurt the most whereas out of town shopping and shopping centres only saw a small drop.

The worst hit locations were the south west, the east, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. Greater London and the West Midlands was also not hut that bad.

Stephen Robertson, the BRC director general, stated that this new high in shop numbers has set off alarm bells for those in the business world because this is the worst vacancy rate that has been recorded and reveals that there are plenty of challenges in front of retailers and their customers. He added that retailers are continuing to fight against rising costs and decreasing sales and there is no end in sight.