Metrics not Myths from Adobe

Videos are used widely to get messages across to the viewers about many things. Advertising, marketing and highlighting campaigns are just three of most common reasons videos are used. A whole series of videos about one subject tends to mean that it something we should be taking notice of, and such a series has been implemented in Adobe’s new campaign called Metrics not Myths, which aims to tackle the problems going on behind the scenes in digital marketing.

One such video demonstrates the current insecurity which is rife in the industry in that is shows an advertising executive paying a visit to a back street fortune teller to seek reassurance. He wants to know if his marketing plan is working, she tells him it is. He asks her to be more specific, she tells him some is working some is not. This may not seem like such a big deal to some but it highlights what is going on the world of digital advertising.

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This is an area that knows no bounds in that it can be adapted to anything you can thing of and get the message out there. However, things are far from rosy in the corporate world that is the puppet master pulling all the strings. This is why the internet giant Adobe has taken it upon themselves to get this campaign in motion, to get back to the nitty gritty of advertising so to speak and turn it, through the use of technology, into a powerful medium without all the corporate garbage.

When you think about it, there are few companies better qualified than Adobe to take on this task, as is it there flash players that allow us to see the digital advertising that has flooded the internet and taken on a life of its own.