Mary Port fund encouraged Bristol firms to collaborate on future ventures

A recent grant from a town fund in Mary Port inspired a group of firms in Bristol to get together and do a similar project. These resources will be used to allow some local projects to be started and run under their supervision, in a move that will mimic the successful run that happened in the nearby town.

Several larger businesses in the Bedminster region will be adding an additional 1.5% in tax business rate for a period of five years, in the hope of raising a total of £400,000 which will be used to finance the fund. Not only will the money be used to promote the local businesses and projects, but also to boost the buying power that local businesses can use for utilities and other needs that they have.

The Portas fund is now starting to award cash, and one grant is a £100,000 influx to help trade in the area. The Bedminster Business Improvement Chairman said that with this group, local businesses will be able to get together and have a bigger voice, something that would not be possible if left separated. What worked in some other towns and larger areas like London, is likely to also work in this smaller rural area.