Marketing ideas for the travel and tourism sector

Travel and tourism professionals may have a hard time convincing eager holidaymakers to visit the country or place they are representing, as there are so many exciting and interesting destinations to head to in the world. So, to really stand out, consider these marketing ideas:

Trade fairs

One of the best ways to promote your location is to attend a trade fair. A holiday show will give you the chance to set up a stall, put up huge banners with beautiful pictures of the destination and talk directly with the potential tourists you are trying to persuade to visit.

These exhibitions can be hugely successful as they allow you to get close to your target market, talk to future customers face-to-face and find out what their interests are – this might even help you improve your services and encourage more people to visit the destination in the future.

In order to take full advantage of the fair, you should set up a fun and attractive stall. Cover your table with leaflets, brochures and pictures of the country or location so people know what they can expect – its scenery, people and attractions – as soon as they walk up to you. Use this opportunity to sell the location by displaying long banners, playing local music, and perhaps even getting professionals to dress up in traditional costume!

Trade fairs can be fiercely competitive so anything that catches the attention of attendees will help to differentiate your stand and increase footfall.

Free promotional products

Whether you set up a stall at a travel fair or not, something that will definitely attract attention from the public is by giving away promotional products, such as branded mugs with your logo printed on them. Mugs have universal appeal as so many of us drink tea and coffee on a daily basis, which is why they tend to be retained by the recipient for a long period of time. According to the British Promotional Merchandise Association, 84 per cent of the public keep promotional gifts for more than 12 months – which provides you with a great opportunity to get repeated exposure for your brand, logo and contact details.

At a trade fair, promotional giveaways such as printed mugs can be used to increase footfall to your stand and encourage enquiries. But you don’t have to limit their use to just trade fairs. For example, you send out a free pen with every brochure you post out to a customer, so that the customer can make notes, jot down different options and prices.

Destination guides

Destination guides or brochures on the trips and services you offer are an integral part of the marketing mix for any travel company or tour operator. Encourage all existing and prospective customers to take one – whether they have visited your stand at a trade fair, researched different destinations on your web-site or simply called into one of your High Street branches.

Fill your guide with high-quality pictures, list all the attractions that they can visit, activities they can take part in and all the benefits they will receive by booking their holiday with your company. This way, they’ll be able to see at a glance all the reasons why choosing your company will make for one of the best getaways they can imagine.