Making sure you make the best first impression possible

There are thousands of frustrated job seekers out there who have sent off multiple applications for jobs they know they have the qualifications and experience to do while perhaps not even reaching their full potential, but receive no further word. No thanks but no thanks letter, no interview, nothing. This can severely damage self confidence as you won’t really know why you have fallen at the first hurdle.

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The answer is simple; you first impression failed to impress the person that it was meant to. First impressions are restricted to interviews, they start when your job search does. Your CV is the initial contact with your prospective employer and it has to be spot on. are running a brilliant campaign they have called The Job Academy, and this follows 5 young job hunters as they go through the processes to ultimately secure employment.

A team of experts from Totaljobs, led Aimee Bateman a career guru, take these 5 job seekers and turn them into lean and mean job hunting machines. You can follow their progress through a series of fascinating videos, while at the same time picking up valuable tips that will boost your own job prospects. There are things on here that you probably would never have considered, but when you see the difference they make to these 5 seekers you will be wanting to put them into practice yourself.

Anyone seeking a job in today’s competitive market owes it to themselves, and their future careers, to check out the Job Academy videos and see for themselves the steps they can take. The latest instalment deals with those all important first impressions, and as mentioned previously these start from day one of your job search. Look on the website, watch the videos, and greatly improve your chances of securing that dream job.