Make a fashion statement in the workplace with bottom up blinds

Ugly, broken blinds and tatty curtains no longer cut it in the workplace. Offices, contact centres, retail outlets and other workplaces are all making their outward appearance as aesthetically pleasing as it is from the inside, and not before time. Nowadays you will see slick, clean lines at the windows of businesses, but if you are a business owner, the cost of replacing existing window dressings can seem rather daunting to say the least.

The good news is that the biggest thing in blinds that are right in vogue at the minute are also one of the cost effective, so its a win-win situation. If you haven’t previously heard of bottom up blinds don’t worry, as until recently not many people had. Now, however, it’s a whole different ball game as both business and domestic customers have realised just how attractive, cost effective and functional these blinds can be.

The majority of new office space is being created in large blocks on business parks with great expanses of glass. It can be an expensive to cover this glass with something that both gives the inhabitants privacy yet also lets in natural day light. This is where bottom up blinds really come into their own as the roller mechanism is at the bottom the window, allowing you to roll them up to where you want them.

This is a great boon for those staff who are on the ground floor or are overlooked by other buildings on higher floors, as by rolling these blinds only halfway up the windows they can work without feeling they are being watched or spied on, while the natural light floods in through the space above the blind. The choice of colours and designs also means that whether your workplace is cool and contemporary or a blaze of colour, there is a blind to suit your aesthetics.

Outlets such as restaurants and cafes can also benefit greatly from the installation of bottom up blinds as nobody wants to be gawped at by the passing public as they tuck into their prawn cocktail or coq au vin. Bottom up blinds affords the diner to eat in relative privacy, and as previously mentioned, you will be able to easily find the perfect colour or pattern of blind to contrast or compliment the décor of the establishment.

These blinds are available in both a standard thickness fabric as well as a thicker one should you require your bottom up blind to act as a blackout blind, possibly for late or night shifts. The bonus of these is that they also eliminate all shadows as they are completely opaque, perfect for any kind of bathroom. The most comprehensive range of bottom up blinds at great prices can be found at

Whilst having a roller blind that rolls up instead of down may seem rather bizarre, and even quirky, their practicality cannot be denied, and those who have their finger on the pulse of the latest trends already have their bottom up blinds firmly in place. Isn’t it time to get them fitted at your windows?