London black cab manufacturer goes into administration

The company that manufactures the traditional London cab have recently entered administration after an attempt to rescue the company financially failed. The company is Manganese Bronze and they have been struggling financially for some time, and many people are concerned that if the company does go into liquidation that they are not going to be recovered, and the black cab in London will become a thing of the past.

The London cab has become a symbol of the UK just like the telephone box, and many of the country’s other very English attractions. The latest black cab to be developed was in 2007, and since that time the company have not released another model. Generally, the design has remained rather similar over its entire life, which is helped it to become a very notable symbol of the country. There are certainly a lot of cliches this around the vehicle, but most people in the country welcome them.

In recent years, Mercedes have designed a cab that has also become particularly popular but it doesn’t hold the same place in people’s hearts as the black one does. However, it seems that if the original manufacturing company do go out of business, then the only option is going to be the Mercedes version.

The reliability of these cars does mean that they are probably going to be on the streets of London for many decades to come, but without them being manufactured anymore, they will certainly become a thing of the past. They will go from an item that is being used every day, and seen on the streets, to something that is simply assigned to the history books. The day that that happens, will be a very sad day for London, and the country as a whole