Lincolnshire Council set to fight plans for wind farms

Wind farms have always been a controversial issue and now Lincolnshire County Council are getting ready to fight against new wind farm developments in the county. It seems that the Council is likely to back any new restrictions on the building of wind farms.

The council will be voting on new guidelines which will bring in a presumption against allowing building of more wind farms. They will issue a statement saying that no new wind farms should be erected within six miles of settlements of ten homes or more. Council leader, Martin Hill, said that they did not want Lincolnshire to be covered by what he described as a forest of wind turbines.

The Council is not in charge of planning issues, these are dealt with by district councils, but Mr. Hill said that they expected the views of elected county councillors to be noted by the relevant authorities. He added that there are already seventy-five wind farms in Lincolnshire with several hundred more in the pipeline.

The Independent published the results of a recent survey which said that 68% of people thought that wind farms were acceptable as a means of having greener energy. The survey, from ComRes, also said that support for wind farms was even higher in the 18-44 age bracket, at eighty percent but only fifty-nine percent for the over 45 age range.

Conservative MP Tim Yeo, chairman of the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee, said that cleaner energy is needed in the UK and that, economically, wind farms are certainly a viable proposition. He added that the technology is there and that costs are coming down