KFC creates 1600 jobs in new restaurants

Fast food chicken chain Kentucky Fried Chicken, known by most as KFC, has formally announced that it is planning on creating 1,600 new part time and full time jobs when it opens up forty new franchise stores across Ireland and the UK. In addition, the company plans to renovate 160 already existing KFC restaurants. All together this will add up to a £80m investment on their outlets by the close of 2013.

KFC believes that they will be able to create up to 1,200 new restaurants as part of their new expansion plans and they will have finished about 900 stores globally by the close of the current year. Globally they own about 17,000 restaurants that are spread out over 100 countries and employ 200,000 employees.

The American firm has been trading in the UK since the sixties and now offers 20,000 people in the UK part time and full time employment. Despite the recession, fast food has been performing whether stably and other rivals such as Domino’s Pizza and McDonald’s have also posted positive returns. Martin Shuker, the UK and Ireland managing director for KFC stated that they are very confident that the company will continue to move upwards.

KFC employees are urged to study and obtain a business management degree by attending the Leicester De Montfort University. The firm also works with the University to offer work experience to young people from disadvantaged homes that need a little push forward via a partnership with Barnardo’s charity.