IT problems at RBS still making life difficult for customers

Nearly 17 million customers of the RBS Group have been prevented from moving money or paying bills for a week now because of the ongoing IT problems after a routine software update went seriously wrong. Now the union, Unite, which represents banking staff, has said that this is possibly because of the excessive job cuts at the state-owned bank.

Customers of RBS, NatWest and Ulster Bank have had problems doing normal everyday banking and Unite say that this raises ‘grave concerns’ that the 30,000 job losses at RBS Group and the outsourcing of work to places such as India could be the reason. The union were also concerned that the customers had been facing difficulties for a week.

On top of this, it is the workforce at RBS Group that is working round the clock trying to solve the problems, said David Fleming, a national officer at Unite. He added that this is despite RBS Group cutting 30,000 jobs, cutting pay and decimating the pensions of dedicated staff. Mr. Fleming said that customers and staff have a right to expect better from the bank.

A spokesperson for the RBS Group said that it was a UK-based problem and that it had nothing to do with outsourcing work abroad. The bank have warned their 12 million customers that the crisis could go on for a little longer but that they hoped to have it resolved soon. This would make it the longest computer glitch for a bank in the UK, ever.

The FSA (Financial Services Authority) have been demanding answers from the bank as to why this has happened as well as customers. The bank, however, are remaining tight-lipped and will not go into details and say that they do not know how many customers are affected. The banking group is 82 percent owned by the taxpayer. Many customers are saying that they are running out of money and cannot pay their energy bills.